Lifelong Learning

"In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists." 
- Eric HofferSubtitle


The above quote encompasses what I consider to be the truth about learning. That is why I strive to continuously explore new technology as well as practical information about the world. The picture to the right is of me at the pentacle of Tinker Cliffs in Roanoke  Virginia. For this hike, I carried about 40 pounds of gear up 1700 feet elevation and spent the night. I enjoy learning about surviving in nature as well as preparing for the unpredictable. In some cases though, all the preparation in the world cannot help you, and you have to learn to be adaptable. That is another part of life-long learning: learning to be adaptable.

My experiences in pursuing life-long learning include learning new outdoor sports (snowboarding, wakeboarding, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking) as well tinkering with desktop 3D printers. Furthermore, I have taken several graudate classes in engineering education to help me better understand learning theory:


- ENGE 5014: Foundations of Engineering Education (3 credit hours)
- ENGE 5024: Design in Engineering Education and Practice (3 credit hours)
- ENGE 5204: Assessment in Engineering Education (3 credit hours)
- ENGE 5504: Practicuum Engineering Education (1 credit hour)