Truck Challenge: Red Team

My Perspective

So you've all seen the first episode and remember that everyone was saying the Red Team's brakes were too tight. If you want an in-depth analysis of why that isn't true, visit Tom's page!! Also, Mark gives an EXCELLENT analysis here. (I think that link will work)


But here's the short-and-sweet IMHO: the brakes were not too tight, otherwise the package would not have moved at all (the static friction would have been too great). After looking at the wreckage (after the cameras were off) there was noticeable bending in the rails. And, the carriage was stopped just where the rails bent. I think Corey and Eric did a GREAT job with the carriage and braking system, it wasn't their fault that the rails bent. Although we did discuss leaving the front end loose and some other possible solutions, I don't know if any of us really believed it would have caused so much trouble. 


So just a note about engineering: typically design challenges like this would be tackled with lots, and LOTS of testing!! That's how real engineering is done, but we simply did not have time to do any of that. I will say getting only one shot at designing something sure is exciting! So, please forgive us for our failures. That's all I'm trying to say :)


Hands down, the Challenge 1 Red Team was my favorite team. We totally clicked. All except for Dan's random bullying and blaming (Oh Dan...), I think we had a very cohesive team.